Holy Names Music Center 

Basement/Jazz Room

3910 W Custer Dr.

(In Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute next to SFCC)




Northwood Middle School

Band Room

12908 N Pittsburg St.




Rehearsal Groups

Once rehearsals start, if you feel that you are in the wrong group base on ability, please talk to your instructor and we will get you in the right place!


Middle School Groups


Middle School Group Leve 0 is for 6th graders and beginners. Middle School Groups Level 1 and 2 are open to anyone in grades 7 and 8 interested in performing in a SAJE jazz combo.


Level 0 and Level 1 is for students who are first time SAJE students. Set in a fun and welcoming environment, these groups are geared to help you gain confidence in playing solos. This is a great opportunity to learn popular jazz tunes in a small group setting!


Level 2 Middle School groups are for returning SAJE students, or first time SAJE middle school students that have had experience with jazz and are ready for an additional challange.

High School Groups


Groups in High School Level 1 are open to anyone in grades 9 - 12 interested in performing in a SAJE jazz combo. These groups are those who haven't participated in the SAJE groups before. These groups will focus on developing your jazz chops by learning from jazz giants that have paved the way. With emphasis on jazz improvisation, groups in this level will perform a variety of jazz standards.



Level 2 is for returning high school SAJE students looking to take it to the next level. By this time you have a fair amount of jazz knowledge and experience and might be looking to enhance your abilities. Emphasis will be on broadening and honing your improvisation skills while expanding your jazz repertoire and taking on more challenging jazz tunes. First time SAJE students with ample amount of jazz and improvisation experience may request to be in this level.

SAJE All-Stars 

**Audition only**


There will be additional all-star/mentor opportunities by audition.  Students will be placed in a regular ensemble and will have the opportunity to audition/apply for these opportunities including: Opening for SJO in May, leading Jam sessions and helping younger students


The All-Star group is composed of the top high school players in the Inland Northwest and requires a high level of jazz experience and dedication. 



For more information about our rehearsal groups, please feel free to contact us.