Spokane All-City Jazz Ensembles

Rhythm Section Workshops
Get Your Groove On!

These monthly workshops will be geared towards teaching rhythm section players their role within a group, the many styles associated with jazz, and how improvisation can be used within their role. Students will have an opportunity to put their new skills to the test when they go back to their regular SAJE group.
Jazz has never been this much fun!

The regular school season program meets once a week and is available on different nights and in different locations. Each rehearsal is one hour long. The season starts at the end of October and goes through the middle of May. In addition to the weekly rehearsals, there will be two concerts, and a half day SAJE Festival in which they will get to work with professional players and educators. 



Tuition for the regular season is $60 per month (Nov-April) for a total of $390. For those who need a performance T-Shirt the cost is $15.


Fees on a per-month basis Cost:


Monthly Tuition 6.5 Months T-Shirt Total
$60 ($30 for May) $390 $15 $ 405


Full Year tuition Cost:

Full year Tuition 10% Discount T-Shirt Total
$390 -$39 $15 $366


Rehearsal Groups

Below are tennative times. Times/Days are subject to change.

Middle School Groups

Jazz Messengers Level
Opening the Door to Jazz Improvisation!

Groups in the Jazz Messengers Level are open to anyone interested in performing in a SAJE jazz combo. Set in a fun and welcoming environment, these groups are geared to help you gain confidence in playing solos. This is a great opportunity to learn popular jazz tunes in a small group setting!


Village Vanguard Level

Continuing the Journey of Jazz!

For returning SAJE students looking to continue their jazz journey and dig a little deeper into the jazz language. Groups in this level will enhance their jazz solo chops and dive into some more challenging music. First time SAJE students with jazz and improvisation background may request to be in this level.

High School Groups

Below are tennative times. Times/Days are subject to change.

Jazz Giants Level
Learning to Stand on the Shoulders of Giants!

Groups in the Jazz Giants Level are open to anyone interested in performing in a SAJE jazz combo. These groups will focus on developing your jazz chops by learning from “giants” that have paved the way. With emphasis on jazz improvisation, groups in this level will perform a variety of jazz standards.


Birth of the Cool Level
Taking it to the Next Level!

This is for returning SAJE students looking to take it to the next level. By this time you have a fair amount of jazz knowledge and experience and might be looking to enhance your abilities. Emphasis will be on broadening and honing your improvisation skills while expanding your jazz repertoire and taking on more challenging jazz tunes. First time SAJE students with ample amount of jazz and improvisation experience may request to be in this level.


SAJE All-Star Group - Jazz Ambassadors Level
Striving for Excellence!

This is the only group in the SAJE program which requires an audition. The All-Star group is composed of the top players in the Inland Northwest and requires a high level of jazz experience and dedication.

Members in this group focus on 3 main areas: 1) headlining performances, 2) sharing and educating, and 3) music professionalism. If you are ready to showcase your playing and be an ambassador for jazz, this is where you want to be!

November 5, 2017 - May 11, 2018

For more information about our programs and fees, please feel free to contact us.

School Year Program