School Year Session 


October - May

For more information about our programs and fees, please feel free to contact us.

*Free SAJE T-shirt with registration fee.


** An additional 10% discount for siblings and for registering for more than one group.

Please note:

The financial obligation is the full tuition for the session, regardless of payment option.


Each SAJE group is dependent upon the interaction between all members and upon the development, growth and progress of each individual student. Therefore, Attendance at all regularly scheduled rehearsals is required to maintain membership in good standing.


Excessive absence of any student is seriously detrimental to the group’s development and performance.

School Year Schedule 2022-2023

October - May


School year session 2022-2023 will be from October to May. Please register by October 1 to get the full beneift of the program.

In addition to weekly rehearsals, you will also have many workshop and concert opportunities scheduled throughout the year!

School Year Session Tuition

The financial obligation is the full tuition for the session, regardless of payment option.

Payment options include paying monthly, paying the full-year tuition with a discount, or paying a discounted rate for multiple students in the program or registering for more than one group.


Monthly Payment** (7)      
 Full Payment**    (10% discount)      
Registration Fee*        
  • Register now, pay later!




Holy Names Music Center (HNMC)

Basement/Jazz Room

3910 W Custer Dr.

(In Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute next to SFCC)


North 1


Northwood Middle School

Band Room

12908 N Pittsburg St.


North 2

Highland Middle School

Band Room

3515 W Hawthorne Rd.




Middle School Groups*



Level 0 (Sixth Graders and Beginners)

  • Sidney Bechet - Thursday, 3:00pm (North 1, starts Nov 3)
  • Sidney Bechet - Monday, 3:00pm (North 2, starts Nov 7)


Level 1 (1-2 years experience; beginner-Intermediate improvisors)

  • Louis Armstrong - Thursday, 4:00pm (North 1, starts Nov 3)
  • Coleman Hawkins - Saturday, 1:00pm (West, starts TBD)

Level 2 (2-3 years experience; intermediate improvisors)

Charlie Parker- Thursday, 4:30pm (North 1, starts Nov 3)

High School Groups*


Level 1 (Intermediate students and improvisors)

  • Horace Silver - Wednesday, 6:30pm (West, starts Oct 26)
  • Miles Davis- Thursday, 6:30pm (North 1, starts Nov 3)

Level 2 (Advanced students; experienced improvisors)

  • Max Roach - Tuesday, 6:30pm (West, starts Nov 8)
  • Herbie Hancock- Wed, 7:30pm (West, Starts Oct 26, by audition)
  • Thelonius Monk- Thursday, 7:30pm (North 1, starts TBD)



All-Star Group and performance features:

There will be additional all-star/mentor opportunities by audition.  Students will be placed in a regular ensemble and will have the opportunity to audition/apply for these opportunities including: Opening for SJO in May, leading Jam sessions and helping younger students. 


* Groups subject to registration.