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Spring 2022 registration will be for an abbreviated 8-week program that will begin in April (just after spring break) and will conclude with a performance, workshop and concert on June 3rd-4th hosted by Imagine Jazz featuring New York Musicians The Rogerio Boccato Quartet.  https://rogerioboccato.com/ 


Depending on your group placement you will receive 6-8 weekly rehearsals with your assigned coach, and you will perform your songs in a performance masterclass with a member of the Rogerio Boccato quartet (all 4 members teach at esteemed establishments such as Manhattan School of Music and Berklee school of music!) there will be a culminating performance and you will receive a ticket to the Rogerio Boccato quartet concert! 


There will be additional workshop and jam session opportunities scheduled in April 2022 - schedule TBD.



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