Spokane All-City Jazz Ensembles

February 9, 2017

Dear SAJE Nation - 


I am now convinced that the weather is conspiring against our program! While road conditions will be perfectly fine this evening (43 degrees at 6pm!), the closure of all area schools today has made it impossible for some SAJE students to retrieve their instrument that was left at school. In giving considerable thought to this throughout the morning, I agonized about the possibility of once again having to cancel our annual Winter Concert & Fundraiser. I was so focused on making sure this event was going to happen that I almost lost sight of what the most important thing is in the SAJE program - the students! While this concert is certainly about families getting to see their SAJE student perform, and funds being raised to provide exciting educational experiences later in the year, the most important part of this concert is the students of SAJE. It just does not seem right for those students, through no fault of their own, who do not have access to their instrument to have to miss out on the opportunity to perform and share all of their hard work and love for music. So, in hopes of not being accused of the "Boy Who Cried Wolf," it is for this reason that we will be cancelling tonight's concert. Also, if you're wondering, there will be no rehearsals today in its place.


We will be going back to the drawing board and finding another date to have this concert. Please be patient with us as we try and coordinate with the many different schools represented in SAJE in hopes of finding a date that does not conflict with any of their events. Most likely, we are looking at something in March and will notify you immediately when a date has been selected.


Warmest wishes,

Brian McCann

SAJE Director