Audition Materials

Jazz All-Star Mentors is the only audition group.

All others are open  registration.


*Auditions close Oct. 20

The All-Star group is composed of advanced SAJE musicians from the Inland Northwest.

It requires a high level of jazz experience and dedication.

Members in this group focus on THREE main areas: 

1) headlining performances, 2) pedagogy/education, and 3) music professionalism.

2019 Audition Requirements 


The following materials should be recorded with video/audio and submitted via email. You may alternatively upload to a Youtube channel.

Please send all files or links to this address:


  1. Play a blues of your choice from memory without accompaniment. Be able to play the melody and improvise for a minimum of (2) choruses.
  2. Transcribe at least 30 seconds of a jazz solo of your choice and play along with the recording. A written PDF version of the transcription is helpful but not required.
  3. Perform a prepared standard of your choice. Backing track is allowed/encouraged.
  1. Perform a prepared standard of your choice. Be able to play the melody and improvise a minimum of (2) choruses. Backing track is allowed/encouraged.
  2. Demonstrate 16 bars of the following bass lines/drum grooves: Swing, Samba, Funk.
  3. Play 4 choruses of an up tempo (q=220 or faster) Blues progression (Bb or F)  


SAJE Jazz All-Star Mentor Information

General Purpose:

To give SAJE students something to strive for within the program. This will reward students who display exceptional talent as musicians, team members, and leaders as they progress through the SAJE program. Those who participate in the program will have extra performance opportunities along with the opportunity to mentor younger students in SAJE.

  • Previous involvement in the SAJE program
  • Participate in your school’s jazz ensemble
  • Must be current on tuition payments
  • Registered for current year
  • Each student must be registered for one of the upcoming season groups in order to audition. The student will be committing to being involved in a SAJE group regardless of acceptance into the All-Star group.
  • Tuition will be $60.00 per month November through May
  • Tuition is a responsibility. The SAJE All-Star group demonstrates excellence in responsibility; therefore, the responsibility of paying tuition on time is part of maintaining your spot in the group.
  • 100% attendance is expected
  • reasonable excuses (i.e. sick, family emergency) are understandable
  • At least 24 hour notice must be given to the JAM director for reasonable excuses
SAJE Mentors Expectations:
  • Each All-Star participant will be Mentors to middle school SAJE groups and area middle school jazz students
  • All-Stars will be required to Mentor once a month at the direction of the JAM director
  • This is an important component to being in the All-Star group and will be monitored closely.
  •  A performance schedule will be drafted each year by the Artistic Director and the Music Director of the All-Star group
  • Performances will include SAJE concerts, featured concerts, and additional gigs.

To sign up for an audition:

  1. Register for the program
  2. Contact Kimberly McCann and send materials to both,